Try Polished Concrete in Amarillo, TX and surrounding areas

We'll add a shiny polished finish to your existing concrete surfaces

Turn your dull, gray concrete into colorful polished perfection with help from Quality Carpet & Flooring. We offer polished concrete services in Amarillo, TX and surrounding areas. Our eco-friendly polish system is easy to shine and maintain. Plus, there are no chemicals or hazardous waste involved.

3 signs you need concrete repair

3 signs you need concrete repair

Is your concrete floor in rough shape? Call the flooring contractors at Quality Carpet & Flooring for repairs. We will repair and polish your old concrete to look good as new. You may need concrete repairs in your home or business if:

  1. The floor has an uneven top coating
  2. There are visible cracks in your concrete
  3. The pieces of concrete flooring have shifted

To request a free estimate for concrete repairs in Amarillo, TX, and surrounding areas call Quality Carpet & Flooring at 806-373-6801 today.